Why David Cort?

David Cort understands the principles of federalism that form the basis of this great nation. 50 great States who come together in a cooperative to jointly perform some of the strictly enumerated and controlled things they can't do separately. He understands how we got to the point today where States seem to be subdivisions of the federal government, rather than owners of the federal cooperative. And he has a vision to return Missouri to her rightful position as an equal owner in the United States. As a Senator from Missouri's 30th District, David Cort will view every action, every vote, and every bill through this prism.

David understands that it is the Constitutional and moral obligation of every State to stand between its citizens and an unrelenting federal government.

The tenth amendment of the Constitution is clear. All power not specifically reserved to the federal government or prohibited to the States belongs to you, a citizen of the State of Missouri. David believes it is time for our State legislature to take a stand against economy strangling regulations and laws that are far outside the scope and Constitutional jurisdiction of the federal government. He has specific ideas on how to do this.

"Dave Cort is a conservative.  He is a thinker.  Dave understands the problems facing our state and will work hard to find appropriate solutions.  I look forward to working with Dave Cort in Jefferson City."

-- Mike Moon, Missouri State Representative, District 157

It's time for you
to take your government back.

David Cort
wants to help.

David is a Missourian first.

Missouri, like America, was founded on the rule of law. Yet, our leaders at all levels fail to uphold the law. Many actually abuse and break the law.  It's time for you to take your government back. David Cort wants to help. David is a Missourian first.

We humbly ask for your support in this endeavor. Please use the above links to contact us, to volunteer to help, to donate money to this cause, or to ask about specific issues or concerns.

Aug 7, 2018: Vote David Cort for MO State Senate.

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