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So many challenges face the people of Missouri and the 30th Senate District. Below, you can find David's take on some of the most pressing issues. Use the link at the bottom of the page to express your concerns, comments, or to address issues not addressed here which you think are pressing. You can expect a personal response from Dave.


Almost all Republicans campaign for smaller government, lower taxes, and more State control. With super majorities in both houses for the past two terms, it's easy enough to see that most don't practice what they preach once elected.

David's published stand on issues is his solemn pledge to you that he will view every vote, every debate, every bill, every action through the prism of:
  1. How does this bill say that, within the borders of Missouri, the people of Missouri decide this issue Missourians? How does this tell other States and the federal government that we do not need, want, nor accept outside interference on this issue?
  2. How does this bill serve to bring those matters which should be in control of the State back to the State of Missouri? Dave believes there should be no direct line from the federal government to your everyday life through a State agency. For example; the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (a necessary and Constitutional State agency) works for the people of Missouri. It does not work for the federal government and does not exist to enforce federal rules.
  3. How does this bill serve to keep State government smaller (or at least not make it bigger)? By "size of government" we are not only talking about the number of people employed (that's a big part of it), but about the effect of government on your life, the cost of government, and the reach of government into areas it is unnecessary for government to reach.



Missouri is close to the perfect place to want to do business. With our central location, fantastic agricultural environment, rank of 11/50 in infrastructure, and Eden-like forests, rivers, lakes, and established attractions; we should be leading the nation in agriculture, manufacturing, production, and tourism. Yet, we rank 23rd in business cost, 41st in economic climate, 43rd in growth prospects for business, and 31st in "Best States for Business" (all Forbes). Business Weekly has us 27th in "Best Place to Start a New Business" and by the government's own measures we are 39th in job growth. How can that be?

David believes government needs to quit trying so hard to "attract business" to Missouri. Business persons are smart. They seek out the things Missouri already has; a viable workforce, a solid infrastructure, an ideal location for transportation. What I believe we need to do is get government out of business and let Missouri be the attractive place it is for business growth, business start-ups, and business climate.

David Cort strongly supports deregulation, strictly limiting license requirements, ending all corporate welfare, and letting what Missouri has work for us. 

Ideally, we would eliminate all federal monies coming into Missouri and the attached chains of expensive and liberty stealing regulation. Only then will we be in a position to govern ourselves without interference. David will apply these ideals to every bill he votes on. Can we do this overnight? No. But it's time to start.


David believes we have to talk about taxes as an issue itself, not just as part of the economy. There's no doubt we tax too much, but how we tax is an issue that has to be discussed and remedied. Income tax is not an effective method of government revenue collection. It's burdensome on employers and employees. It is destructive of productivity and small business startups. And it is intrusive! What other reason would the government ever have to need to know who has what, who makes what than this intrusive tax on income.

Missouri should abandon the idea of taxing income and be a leader in enjoining other States to demand an end to all tax on income at the federal level.


David believes life is sacred from the point of conception. It's his strongest belief that every conception is the entrance of an eternal soul into the earthly plane and to end that life rips that eternal soul from it's mother and sends it back to God.

David will vote 100% pro-life.

Self Defense

Missouri's Constitution is clear. The right to bear arms for self-defense or the defense of others is not to be questioned by any level of government within this State. But, the Constitution is also clear that it is further the duty of the government of this State to defend this inalienable right from any who would attempt to subvert it.

There is no clearer statement that Missourians have a right to bear arms and any and all associated ammunition and accessories necessary for defense free of restriction from government at any level and that it is the solemn duty of Missouri's three branches of government to protect that right, even from federal authorities.


Education in Missouri is dysfunctional and the entire system is in need of serious repair.

Missourians have overwhelmingly said NO to Common Core. Clearly, our education leadership feels no need to answer to those people. Federal dollars are accepted and spent without any oversight at all by the people you elect to do just that. DESE seems to be a law unto itself when it comes to collecting data on your child, determining how dollars are allocated, and what the education agenda will be for Missouri. This has to stop.

Every dollar used for education in Missouri needs to be managed and overseen by your elected Representatives. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education needs to be the administrative water carrier for the State's education agenda, which should be set and overseen by your elected representatives. To the maximum extent possible, education agendas and the functional operations of educating Missouri's children should be managed by local school boards elected by local people. Some of these changes will require amendments to Missouri's Constitution. It's time.

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