Who Is David Cort?

Why Is David Running?

David believes in the same vision for America and Missouri that inspired Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, and other founders. We are a union of 50 States, each responsible for the common good of its own citizens. Each of those States decides among its citizens how best to govern, how best to educate, and how best to live. David believes we've strayed a long way from that path and he has a vision on how to get back.

In recent years, Missouri's legislature has made small gains each election in terms of legislators who believe the way most of us do: Liberty, State Powers, and smaller federal government. It's important to the future generations of Missourians that we continue to strive for Missouri. David holds himself out as the strongest candidate to keep the faith in Missouri's fight for Missouri.

A Missourian First

David Cort wants to work for the well being and benefit of all Missourians.  The leaders we select today will influence the direction of Missouri for many years to come.  David will be the kind of Representative that will work to improve the future of our great State. -- Endorsement from Missouri Conservative Coalition

David Cort believes in the federalism of our founders. We established a central cooperative to jointly perform a very limited number of tasks that 50 states cannot perform individually. Defense of the union, a universal monetary standard, the things necessary to keep one State from violating the rights and priveleges of another, and signing treaties with foreign powers names almost all of the things the federal government is empowered to do. Now the federal government, all three of its branches and the growing administrative arms of each, has reached a point where Washington, D.C. dictates virtually every facet of a Missouri family's life.

David believes that this is exactly why a race for State Senate is one of the most important races in the nation. The person who stands in for you and your family ought to be a person who welcomes you personally into his office, who personally answers your calls and letters. The person representing you at the seat of government ought to be a person you recognize and who recognizes you when you meet at the market, the barber shop, the park. The person who answers for you ought to be a person who answers to you. The person who speaks for you in Jefferson City ought to be just like you; a Missourian First.


David was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts at the Chelsea Naval Hospital, the son of an active duty U.S. Navy seaman.

Before elementary school, his father answered a call to the ministry and the family migrated to Springfield, Missouri so his dad could attend Baptist Bible College.

In Springfield, David came of age with solid, midwestern values of work, family, and community.

The Formative Years

David attended elementary school at Tefft in Springfield. He smiles when he states, "I vividly recall Mrs. Stecker making me stay after school in the third grade to retake a test because I had misspelled Tallahassee and couldn't remember Sacramento." He has strong ties to the time when school was for learning and learning was what was expected. As an inner city school, Tefft was truly diverse and David learned the value of accepting all for who they are.

After his junior high years at Pipkin, in Springfield, the family moved to Strafford and David graduated from high school there. Having started in elementary school throwing papers and mowing neighborhood yards for his own money; the rural setting of Strafford gave David more chance to learn self-sufficiency. He hauled hay in the summers and began his first real job in Strafford at the age of 15. David believes in self-reliance and thinks government should encourage it for all citizens.

A Veteran and Patriot

David is retired from the Air Force following 23 1/2 years of active duty military service. David understands the principles of lifelong learning, mission, and leadership. After seeing much of other governments and cultures, David firmly believes that, in spite of the distance we have to travel to get back to our roots, the United States of America is still the best place on the planet to live.


Since returning to Springfield, David has been employed as a retail sales manager in large and small retail stores. As a grocer, David is keenly aware of the impact of the State's economy on everyday families.

As an executive director of Missouri Grassroots Coalition and host of the bi-weekly blog-talk radio show "Missouri Rising", David is active in Conservative politics. He stays keenly aware of what's happening in Missouri State politics and actively participates and encourages others to do so.

A Dedicated Family Man

David and his wife, Darlene, have five children and nine grandchildren. Even with the children grown and successful, Dave and Darlene look forward to monthly full-family barbeques during summer. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are crowded around the Cort household as family traditions pass from generation to generation.

David Cort is a regular guy, just like you. His voice is just like yours. His ideals are just like yours. It will be just like you were there.

Aug 7, 2018: Vote David Cort for MO State Senate.

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